Committed to providing Quality Care

About Ideal Senior Living LLC


We provide a warm and welcoming environment that encourages residents to enjoy their senior years.  Ideal Senior Living is designed for residents' comfort and relaxation.  Every room resonates with a warm loving atmosphere.  The dining area is inviting with home cooked meals and cheerful conversations with fellow residents.  We make our home a perfect setting for your loved ones' elderly years.




At Ideal Senior Living. we provide a home-like environment for those needing assistance with daily living activities. We offer personal care and safety in our lovely home.  





Our seniors receive services such as:

  • Professional and Caring Staff

  • Programs Tailored to Residents Needs

  • Prepared Meals/Snacks (Reg, NAS, Diabetic diets available, Low and Low cholesterol)

  • Daily Activities

  • Personal Care

  • Medication Assistance

  • Cable TV Service

  • Internet Access

  • Phone Privacy & Accessibility

  • Security Cameras

  • Professional Nursing Care

  • Laundry Services/ Housekeeping

  • Assistance with medication

  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, and mobility

  • Various programs of recreational activities (we update our calendar regularly)

Why do we go through so much trouble?  It's because we care.  This is what Ideal Senior Living exists for.  We value the role of our elderly population and provide them with the respect and dignity they deserve.  It is our aim to preserve resident’s dignity by providing them with the services necessary to effectively assist with the changes of growing older and the functional decline that can accompany aging.

Ideal Senior Living has got it covered!